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Fleshlight - Everything You Need for Self-Satisfaction | Sweet Meat Jerky

I recently noticed a very good resource with a fleshlight discount, where there is a large selection of models. All specialists are qualified, so you can count on a quality product. It will be a great gift for a bachelor, for example.

You may not know what a Fleshlight is yet. If that's the case, I'd be happy to tell you. This device is similar to an ordinary flashlight, but if you look at it from the other side, you will understand that this is a real Paradise for men.

This small device is an imitation of the female genital organ, and if you find a quality job, you can feel the pleasure of the real contact.

Fleshlight - Everything You Need for Self-Satisfaction

In addition, this device is very easy to clean: it can be done in the shower or in the bath. Just take out the sleeve, rinse it and put it back away so it can dry. Good news is waiting for you. Fleshlight: Get up to 45% off in the after-Christmas stock up (expiring soon).

On the site, you can make a device to get new sensations and experience on the model of one of the girls from the line. This will make you feel special, given that the toy for adults will be made entirely to order.

You will get more than you spend

Usually, a quality product is more expensive. But you are not in danger, because there are resources with additional discounts that can be used with respect to the product you like.

If you are like most people, money is scarce and shopping in the organic / natural sections can be challenging. Products that are organic are more expensive! I wanted to take a second and explain why that is...

Building a food business is a delicate dance involving retailers, distributors, ingredient suppliers, and many others. A fantastic product starts with world-class ingredients, which come at a premium cost from suppliers across the world. If you are can order millions of pounds of an ingredient to save costs. If you are just starting out, you only need small quantities. That means you pay the highest price. So right off the bat, your input costs are higher than any of your competitors.

Once your product is made, someone has to take it to the stores! If your product is new and you're still building demand, it will be tough convincing a distributor to carry your products. Think of it like this....for every case of your product they put in their trucks that may sell, they could instead distribute a product they know will sell. Its a cart before the horse issue! Distributors want demand for your product in order to carry it, but many retailers will not carry a product without distribution. The solution is: fake it until you make it. Or self-distribute until you build sufficient demand, which is how Sweet Meat Jerky did it.

Now...the final part: the retailer. Just like everyone else, they need to make money. And they have a lot of overhead. If you're the maker of a product, this is the place where your SRP (suggested retail price) is going to spike. When you see a product on shelf for 8 or 9 dollars, it likely cost 1/4 of that to manufacturer. Our buddies over at Quinn did a great job a while back explaining this...if you're a numbers person, check it out here.

Next time you're in a store and see a high price for the organic equivalent of a product, remember that large companies cut corners somewhere to bring you that low price. More often than not, it's with crappy ingredients or by using their size to muscle around distributors, stores and partners. That's not how we do business.

From all of us in the natural foods industry, we appreciate your support! YOU are the reason we pinch pennies :)

Thinking of starting a food business? Lets talk!


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1. What is Sweet Meat Jerky?
Sweet Meat Jerky is made using the worlds finest meat, herbs and spices. Handcrafted with passion and joy. That’s it.

2. Is shipping free in the U.S., Mexico and Canada?
We offer complimentary shipping on orders over $29.

3. How long does Sweet Meat Jerky keep?
18 months. But once you open your bag, we recommend you enjoy it within 3 days.

4. Is the product made in the USA?

5. What type of meat do you use in the jerky?
We use USDA Organic top round beef, sourced from a cooperative of local suppliers in the USA.

About Us

I started Sweet Meat Jerky in college. With the support of those around me, I developed my idea with the goal of making a positive contribution to the food industry. Along the way, our team has grown to include some of the worlds finest ingredient suppliers, retailers and most importantly, customers.

Today we’re sold in Whole Foods Market and other natural foods retailers across the United States. We’ve come a long way, but our journey is only beginning.

Thank you for supporting our vision. Hope you enjoy our jerky as much as we do!